What is Boudoir?


Boudoir – pronounced  bŏo dwăawr

Boudoir photo sessions are an experience.  These sessions are unique, flirty, sexy and fun.  You do not have to have the “perfect body” to look absolutely, positively sexy in your photos. We are women who, like you, have flaws and imperfections and know we can be way too critical of ourselves at times! Our goal for each session is to make you feel as glamorous as possible and empower you to truly feel your best! We are passionate about Boudoir Photography and know every woman deserves this type of “me time” at least once in their lives!

Boudoir portraiture has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. As women, we spend endless amounts of time and money pampering ourselves to feel beautiful. By investing in portraiture of ourselves, we can capture and document our beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

Our goal at Kimberly Ann Photography is to create unique, sexy, flattering portraits for all women with our female-only staff. Every woman is very different and has something fabulous to capture.  An intimate session is the perfect way for you to feel beautiful.

Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal and unique collection of stunning, modern boudoir portraits. While you may be looking for a portrait session to create a personal, romantic gift for your significant other to cherish for a lifetime, these sessions are truly designed for you. The whole experience is fun, empowering and confidence building!

Whether it be a defining moment in your life or anytime you want to show how beautiful you are, together we can create a collection of flattering, gorgeous portraits.

Your images will be produced as an album to give as the ultimate wedding gift for any groom, a beautiful anniversary surprise, a romantic present for Christmas, Valentines, Birthday or Father’s Day … or just to say “I love you”…. Or even better yet, just for YOU.