Frequently Asked Questions



A Boudoir Session is a completely different experience than regular family portraits and it’s certainly not something we do every day. For some of us, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and, as such, many questions may come to mind. The following information has been designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions we are asked at Kimberly Ann Photography – from wardrobe selection to picking up your final products. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to speak with you on an individual basis.

Q: Does KAP supply outfits?
A: Yes and No. We do have outfits here that you can use if you like one of ours better than your. However, due to varying sizes and body types, you do need to bring your own outfits as well. We DO have black high heel shoes in sizes 7.5. 9 and 10 for you to use if you fall into or around one of those sizes.

Q: Do you provide hair and makeup services?
A: Yes, we do. All full boudoir sessions include professional camera ready full face make-up application with lashes. We also offer hair as an add-on service. Although this service is not required, it is highly recommended.

Q: Will my images be posted on your website or Facebook?
A: We are all about protecting your privacy. Upon scheduling your session you will receive a policy agreement form which needs to be completed prior to our photo session together. Within this form is a model release which you may or may not sign. The choice is yours. You may also request to see and approve the images Kimberly would like to use for her portfolio. If you choose not to sign the release, your images will only be seen by you and whomever you show them to. Kimberly will respect your request to not share any of your images if that is your wish.

Q: How Old do I have to be to schedule a Boudoir Session?
A: You must be at least twenty one (21) years of age to participate in a Boudoir Session and be prepared as I may ask for proof of age.

Q: Will My Images Be Touched Up?
A: Advanced beauty retouching is fundamental in creating our signature look. After your session, the best images will be selected for viewing. Each image chosen for your final gallery will be flawlessly retouched to perfection in our digital darkroom to make your portraits the works of art that you expect from our studio.

Q: Can I just right-click and print my proof pictures instead of purchasing them from you?
A: It is a common misunderstanding that it is ok to right-click and save your proofing pictures to your computer for personal printing or displaying on the internet. However it is illegal to download, copy, print or reproduce the images in any way. We spend a great deal of time after your session in our digital darkroom, perfecting your images. We ask that you respect what we do for a living, and the laws set in place to protect them. Our pricing has been carefully structured to be able to maintain our business. If we allowed theft of our images, we would not be able to offer this unique and beautiful service to women.

Q: Can I just get the digitals?
A: The digitals are available for individual purchase or available with some collections and album purchases.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?
A: We ask that you inform us of the guest before the shoot, and please limit to one FEMALE person as we have limited shooting space. NO MALES PLEASE.

Q: Can I bring someone to the viewing?
A: Yes, you may bring 1 person with you to the viewing. We have limited studio space.

Q: After my order is placed, will I be able to purchase more from that shoot in the future?
A: Yes, however, with storage restraints, we only keep the images you originally purchase for one year. All unpurchased images are purged from our system within 30 days.

Q: I’m not a lingerie type girl. Can I still do boudoir?
A: Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look and feel sexy. You can do a boudoir shoot wearing a dress, robe, button-up, etc. Let us know if you are interested in a more in-depth wardrobe consult.

Q: Will my session be with a female photographer?
A: Yes ! With such personal portraits it is reassuring for both you and the partner in your life that Kimberly Ann Photography is an all female team including the photographer, assistant/retouch artist and hair and make-up professional.

Q: I have a little problem area that I don’t like about by body – is there anything you can do?
A: Our advanced retouching includes skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement. Every detail is covered from wrinkles to acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. You don’t have to worry about these little imperfections. We have everything covered. If you have a particular problem area that you’re not happy with, let us know. Our advanced posing techniques are designed to emphasize the positives and disguise problem areas. In addition we can perform a little “digital liposuction” in the retouching stage. We will not however completely change the shape of your body – after all that just wouldn’t be you!

Q: I’ve had my session – what a blast! When do I get to see my images?
A: Within 1-3 weeks of your session, your proofs will become available for you at an in-person viewing and ordering session. We ask that you give us 2-4 weeks from your session date to complete your order.

Q: How many images will I have to choose from?
A: Many images are captured during your session. Afterwards, each image is put through a careful selection process. You will see only the images that meet the standards of Kimberly Ann Photography. Images that do not meet these standards are removed permanently during the selection process.

I have a question that isn’t listed above

If your questions haven’t been answered here, please feel free to contact us at or call 262-492-3893. We are more than happy to speak with you on an individual basis.